Even being a respected, accomplished Social Services professional, I was not immune to life’s ugliest of challenges. Consequently, I was on what seemed like a never ending quest, to learn, grow, improve, acquire my best most peaceful life (socially, financially, spiritually, emotionally and professionally).

This desire felt unattainable, until I found Lorna, at Red Cardinal Coaching. The impossible was now a reality. Lorna took me from dark, unhappy, unsatisfied, confused and stagnant to vibrant, growing, progressing, peace of mind, satisfied, confident and capable (I can), no matter what.

I trust no one to guide me. Lorna crushed that the first day. She knows exactly what and how much to give at the most opportune time . I lacked confidence. Lorna ALWAYS knew exactly how to motivate me into being comfortable with successful strategies. I lacked direction. Lorna got me personally and professionally focused.

And, just when I felt the four walls closing in, Lorna’s teachings and personal life story just rocked every emotion in me. But, it was mostly uplifting, inspiring and gave me the kick I needed to see that even when it all seems impossible, there’s always a way. The wonderful encouraging thing is, Lorna already knows that way and she’ll help you unleash it to become the most amazing you. Lorna is simply the best most trusted and knowledgeable life coach out there.

Red Cardinal Coaching
Lyn Ritchie M.Sc.Ed., B.A.
Family Services Specialist
Lorna it was a pleasure being your client and I wanted to thank your for your dedication to your role and your ability to positively mentor me towards being a success! Your positive attitude, in depth knowledge and guidance has truely helped me in my day to day activities. I want to really thank you for all of your support and caring, you are a true leader!
I’m the founder of anandas and without any hesitation would say the foundation of this company is strong because of the coaching of Lorna Poole. At the beginning, I had no clue about running a business in Canada as I’m a newcomer. Right from the beginning of our time together, Lorna supported me through each process and helped me to find the right places with all the correct legal and business requirements in mind. With the overwhelming paperwork and legal formalities and worries when opening the business, I started to panic, but she was a supportive partner who helped boost my confidence leading to the successful phase of my business today. I would recommend Lorna’s services for the support you need to make any kind of change.

I worked with Lorna for 10 months. She is one of few individuals who are uniquely gifted to do this kind of important work. Everyone can coach. Some, however, are committed to continually developing themselves so they can serve others better. These types of leadership coaches who are truly great. Lorna has spirit of generosity to share her time, attention and energy with others. She sees the best in others and knows how to create substantial relationships with others.

Lorna understands the struggle and pain that often accompanies personal learning and change, without disappointments, setbacks and conflicts inherent in the coaching process. She helps the person being coached see that he or she have the power to create a tomorrow that is better than today.

Without hesitation, I recommend Lorna for a Coaching and Mentoring position that involves facilitation, teaching, program design, goal setting, tactical plans, sales and marketing strategies.

If you are looking for a life coach, look no further! I’m not one to write a recommendation as every ones perception on their experience would be different, but Lorna is an exception. The way she helped me was a way I’ve never experienced before. Most people are so quick to provide their own feedback and what “they” believe or have read about to be best for you. Lorna helped me figure out what I need in certain areas of my life that best suited MY needs – not someone else’s, therefore the outcome was perfect. She helped me stay organized with my thoughts as I can be quit scatter brained and stay on track to what my priorities were that needed focus. If you are wanting to experience what a life coach can do for you, I would highly recommend Lorna!
Red Cardinal Coaching
Raissa Lyne
Manager of Events and Employee Recognition
Lorna is very direct and wonderfully honest in her approach to helping her clients. This was exactly what I needed to be able to reach and succeed in my goals. I’m very grateful for all of her help and advice in my journey. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone looking for guidance and direction in life and in business.
Lorna has the unique ability to help women in transition find and capitalize on their strengths. Her no-nonsense, affirmative approach comes from years of working with entrepreneurs and learning what behaviours drive success in today’s tough business environment. As a coach, Lorna is a natural leader and motivator providing inspiration for your continued personal and professional growth. These qualities are inherent of a strong coach and why Lorna will have continued success with those who choose her as their coach.
Lorna is a great motivational and inspiring business coach. I do not believe I would have successfully made it through my first year of business if it were not for her consistent advice, guidance and support and ability to keep me motivated. I would highly recommend Lorna to anyone looking to improve their business or career.
Lorna Poole is an excellent coach and mentor. She is extremely personable and relatable, and truly devotes herself to her clients. Lorna excels in her ability to work with people on an individual level. Her ability to ask thought–‐provoking questions encourages people to rethink their patterns of behavior. She is full of ideas and suggestions, and is very up to date with the resources available for small businesses. Lorna understands completely that there are phases in creating a business, and she prepared me for these often times challenging phases. This was a huge support. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Lorna as my coach. Without her by my side as I was launching my business, I would not be where I am today. She was my determined and honest guide. I would definitely recommend Lorna to anyone seeking someone with whom they can work towards a personal or business goal. An amazing investment!

No truer words than “Coaching fills the gap between the life you have and the one you want!” I had no clue how to fulfill my dream, in fact I had no clue what my dream was, I had a general idea in my head but just kept trudging along, disillusioned with my career which in turn was affecting my personal life, mental and spiritual health – I was an anxiety ridden wreck who could not see with any clarity how to make “good” decisions, one of which was not asking for help! Lorna became my coach in April 2014. and our 10 month “battle” began. I’m happy to say I lost but the consolation prize is a new lease on life!

Lorna knows how debilitating anxiety can be and worked with me to design simple tasks, tools and a schedule to work with that helped me deal with the challenges of managing a business and managing myself as an entrepreneur. She did not hold my hand: she saw my path and did shine the light onto my path with accuracy on what I needed to change or improve upon to realize my dream.

It is a pleasure to work with an individual such as Lorna, who truly knows how to give you that edge. We all need some help, direction or motivation at one time or another in our personal or business lives. Lorna Poole has given me the confidence and direction to take on this new chapter of my life with zeal and knowing, knowing that I can with the extraordinary help I have been blessed to have from my coach and mentor Lorna Poole!

I feel lucky I had the privilege to spend many hours one-on-one with Lorna Poole as she coached me in my business development. Without question Lorna is a wonderful coach whom I would best describe as a cutting edge mix of strength, positivity, knowledge and humor. She so gracefully has helped me keep focused on my business goals, discern profitable strategic moves and achieve the results that served best at every stage of the development. She was very quick to help me identify my strengths and the areas where I needed improvement, and she provided me with a great blend of academic and real-life support and encouragement. I especially appreciated her unique gift to help me relax in moments of overwhelm by suggesting the right creative twist to my thoughts and guiding me by asking the right questions, those ones that made everything after all look so simple. I most certainly recommend Lorna Poole!
It is a blessing for me that Lorna was my coach when I wanted to start my own business after my battle of cancer. When everyone doubt if I could run my business from a scratch as all the working experience I have was in Biopharmaceutical Research and Development, Lorna saw the potential inside me and gave me the priceless support and encouragement. Whenever I worried about my business plan implement, or when I did not know how to break through the difficulties, Lorna always inspired me, encouraged me, and helped me find my way. Whenever I have questions and concerns, I would send Lorna emails for help or counseling, I always got prompt reply from her. Thanks a million to you, Lorna, for every beautiful thing you’ve done on my life! You are one of the best coaches in the world!
Lorna’s gift is being an amazing life and business coach who provides someone much of the needed push, guidance and direction for those who are trying to achieve something great. Thanks Lorna.
After being unemployed and down in the dumps, I met with Lorna and I was instantly lifted and inspired by her open, friendly personality. Her joy and desire to help others, combined with her expertise and perfectly timed empathy, have helped transform my dream of starting my own business into a reality. Through her coaching and guidance, she elevated me to success and taught me that if you have passion and work hard, you will always succeed. I am no longer coached by Lorna, but I often reach out and she is always willing share her contacts and resources when asked. I would recommend Lorna as someone who can facilitate, teach, coach, guide, execute and manage others. She can help you focus and help you to create a results-driven plan and you will always thank your lucky stars to have met her…as I do!
Lorna made an enormous difference to my business when I first started out and she continues to be a valuable resource that I can reach out to when I am in need of a little coaching. She is an excellent coach and provides solid direction and insight. I have benefitted enormously from working with Lorna and I always appreciate her candour. When starting a business, it is a great feeling to know that you have someone in your corner cheering you on and providing guidance. I highly recommend Lorna as a coach. I’ve never worked with such a dedicated and hard working individual who truly cares about her clients. She will make a difference for you and your business.
Every success in this journey has been hard fought. I could not have made it this far without the help of … my business coach Lorna Poole. Lorna, who is not only a business coach but as certified life coach as well, steered me through some great highs and stressful lows. (Words really aren’t enough, but I know she’ll accept cupcakes as repayment!)
I started a small business last year and had the privilege of having Lorna Poole as my coach. She has guided me through many obstacles and continues to give me much needed support. Through many difficult moments, she has been a positive mentor and has helped me not only reach my goals, but helped me to believe that it is possible to pull through when I didn’t believe that I could. It wasn’t just her positivity that helped me through my process, but with her coaching, I was able to get to the root of any issue that I was dealing with. Her approach is honest, insightful and straightforward. I would highly recommend anyone needing personal or professional coaching to give Lorna a call. You will not only be happy that you did, but you will wish you had done it sooner!
Lorna is an expert at reading between the lines. She has a gift where she can see right through you and acknowledge and answer questions and concerns that you don’t even voice. She has helped steer me in the right direction in my career and my personal life. I would highly recommend her to anymore thinking of pursing personalized coaching!!!!
Lorna is creative, perceptive and inspirational. She understands people and helps you bring home the results. Thanks Lorna.
As a coach Lorna creates a supportive environment where it is possible to learn and grow to create successful business goals. Lorna provides insights to help guide you to achieve your goals and to confidently face any business challenges that arise.
I have known Lorna for more than a year now. Simply put: without her continuous mentoring, support, follow-up and honest and constructive feedback I wouldn’t have made it that far with my business. Her knowledge of business regulations, startups, business growth, business finances and resources management is outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to both business startups and seasoned organizations.
I have known Lorna for more than a year now. Simply put: without her continuous mentoring, support, follow-up and honest and constructive feedback I wouldn’t have made it that far with my business. Her knowledge of business regulations, startups, business growth, business finances and resources management is outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to both business startups and seasoned organizations.
I attended my first PAG (peer advisory group) meeting today and enjoyed it a lot. It is a very helpful event and I got a lot out of it. Sharing with people concerns, fears and most importantly achievements and our little successes is the best thing we can have being in a similar situation. Thanks again to Lorna for her enthusiasm and readiness to listen to our problems and help with solutions to them.
I got 5 new clients in the last 2 weeks and the prospect of more to come. I’m overwhelmed but so happy and want to thank you so much for your positivity, assistance, humour, encouragement and for sharing your experience. I know that I had many ups and downs over the course of the program, but I persevered because you were my cheerleader. I can’t thank you enough for making a dream become a reality!
Many MANY thanks for all’s you’ve done to help me throughout the past nine months. I have learned more than I could have EVER imagined! Also, this was what it took to propel me into deeper involvement in my music career and the music biz in general. I feel like I have made enough contacts to help me thrive at this in the future. Amazing!
Lorna is a detailed oriented coach who has a no nonsense approach to helping you better yourself, inside and out. She has the right blend of knowledge, wisdom, and drive to help you reach your goals. She gets it! And she has the tools to help you overcome your obstacles. With Lorna in your corner, you will see measurable results.
It was a great pleasure to work with Lorna. With superb presentation skills, Lorna exhibits a strong sense of professionalism in any situation. Extremely personable she is an expert building excellent relationships with her clients based on trust and mutual respect. Resourceful, analytical, with a robust portfolio of skills and an unshakeable personal value system , Lorna is an exceptional coach that I highly recommend.
I would like to express my great appreciation for all of your imputs and coaching approach, I believe I am privileged to have an excellent coach in your self.
I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the contribution made by Lorna Poole for providing continuous support, guidance and resources to establish my business. It was truly a privilege to have the opportunity to work with her. Lorna is very approachable and knowledgeable, working with her, my eyes were opened to creating possibility in my business. Her work was truly transformational. Working with Lorna has helped me bring out the best in my practice and focus on the work I love to do most. In the process, I’ve learned to serve my clients better, gained insight into my business, and improved my bottom line. I would highly recommend her for her services.
Lorna has this wonderful, intuitive knack of seeing the issue and getting others to identify it themselves and in such a supportive and positive way. Thanks to her help and guidance, I feel like I’m well on my way to achieving all that I can in this life time and that feels so EMPOWERING!
Lorna is very positive, approachable and always offers objective feedback. I owe much of what I have achieved to Lorna’s encouragement.
Lorna’s skill as a coach is a beautiful gift to those that are lucky enough to have been coached by her. She is an amazing listener, hearing what is not being said. Lorna is also very skilled with asking questions that are insightful, firm, and yet, gentle. I have achieved many wins in this process and am on my way to my long-term goal of health and wellness.
Lorna provided me with a number of new perspectives to which I may I refer when I find myself struggling. She helped me recognize and celebrate the progress that I made during our time working together that I was not aware of or had not acknowledged myself. What a pleasure it was to work with Lorna.
I was in a place that was hard to recognize. With Lorna’s gentle yet identifying ability gave me clarity and allowed me to find the strength and hope to make changes in my life. She always gave me time to work through things but also gave me perspective on where “I” wanted to be and empowered “me” to know that I could get there. Now that I am through my issues, I am a happier, stronger, more complete person and I now know that I deserve to be happy each and everyday as I move through this journey of life. Without Lorna’s coaching – I still may be stuck. I want to thank Lorna for her expert ability to guide me through it.
Red Cardinal Coaching
Robert Ordinario
Personal Coaching Client
At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I would stick out this coaching process, but Lorna made it fun, pleasant, enjoyable, and quite easy to make a change for the positive in my lifestyle. She was positive and affirming in every session, and pulled my varied strands of thought into a cohesive narrative that fed back into my life goals constructively.
Red Cardinal Coaching
Amanda Murphy
Grad Student – Personal Coaching Client
Thank you. You have been very helpful. You have seemingly unlimited patience and are always willing to help me in any way you can. You helped me prioritize my objectives and I feel like I would have had no chance of success without your help. My sincerest gratitude!
Red Cardinal Coaching
Steve S.
Game Developer
Thankyou for helping through out the whole time! I can not do this without the support of you.
Red Cardinal Coaching
My coach is fantastic – I don’t like to be spoon fed, I like to find and discover myself “my way”. The knowledge and guidance I received really met my needs. The advices and feedback received from Lorna were very helpful and our communication was very constructive. Definitely there were situations when I was “stuck in the moment” and I really needed Lorna’s expert guidance. She followed up on my actions and her positive feedback after I overcame the difficulties was very motivating.
Red Cardinal Coaching
Cat DelRosso
Personal Coaching Client
Oh. My. Goodness. You are a ROCKSTAR! I got so much out of my group coaching session – I wish we could continue it forever. Thank you so much for helping me with my DREAM!
Red Cardinal Coaching
Karen Parsons
Personal Coaching Client
I was embarrassed about the goal that initially brought me to my coach. However, Lorna’s authentic, straightforward and sincere approach put me at ease. I found her very personable, as well as professional. I feel that I have gained valuable skills to deal with the issues that I had wanted to resolve.
Red Cardinal Coaching
Audrey Dimento
Personal Coaching Client
Thank you so much for today’s meeting! I just love to work with you, I feel at easy and in my element when I talk to you. I continue to look forward to our collaboration. I am optimistic and welcome any challenges. I am very lucky to have you as my coach.
Red Cardinal Coaching
Farah Hazad
Personal Coaching Client
Lorna is insightful, patient and compassionate. I feel incredibly blessed to have her helping me in my journey of self discovery. Originally I went to her to help me lose weight but the awareness and new found confidence I have gained is helping me in all aspects of my life. I am very grateful to have her as my coach. Thank-you Lorna.
Red Cardinal Coaching
Lorna’s knowledge and guidance so far has been amazing. She is very approachable, kind, wise, professional and down-to-earth. I consider her abilities as a Life Coach tremendous assets to my growth as a new business owner.
Red Cardinal Coaching
Lorna, I want to acknowledge and thank you for the wonderful coaching I received from you! Your engaging manner provided me with just the right platform for personal discovery and change. Your expertise and genuine enthusiasm made a transition that was scary and intimidating into something manageable and, dare I say, fun? I will long remember our conversations and their impact on my life.
Red Cardinal Coaching
My sister and I attended your vision planning workshop in January and we both found it to be fabulous. While it was fun and gave us a chance to flex our creativity muscles a littel bit, it was also very informative and I learnt alot about myself and my goals. I’ve already started working on my big goal for 2012 – I’m definitely running that 5K. Thanks so much!
Red Cardinal Coaching
I highly recommend you as a personal Coach and wish you all the best success as you move forward with your practice. Even after our last session, I found myself thinking about what question you would ask whenever something came up. It’s like your in my head! Thank you for all of your assistance to me.
Red Cardinal Coaching